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Emily Wolfe | New Paintings

5 - 28 October 2023

IMG_4295 2.HEIC

We are delighted to present a solo exhibition of new paintings by London-based NZ born artist, Emily Wolfe at Benjamin Parsons x Hannah Payne in Oxford from 5 - 28 October 2023.

"The paintings begin with paper collages. The raw material for them comes from photocopies of prints of 18th century landscape paintings, from coloured paper, cellophane, cardboard, or any other scraps of paper or detritus I might find in my studio. The paintings make reference to the process of recording archaeological excavations, something I became interested in after a period spent working on a variety of sites with the Museum of London Archaeology. The two processes of painting and excavating are connected in my mind. Each process involves layering and stratification and the consequent emergence of narratives."

Emily Wolfe 2023

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