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Aliki Braine | Borrowed Landscapes

at Cromwell Place, London 12 - 17 March 2024

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Aliki Braine - Borrowed Landscapes


Benjamin Parsons x Hannah Payne Gallery

curated by Rodrigo Orrantia


Exhibition dates: 12 - 17 March 2024

Private View Tuesday 12 March 6 - 8 pm

Location: Gallery 5, Cromwell Place, London, SW7.



This exhibition, the second solo show of Aliki Braine with Benjamin Parsons x Hannah Payne gallery, guest curated by Rodrigo Orrantia, focuses on artist and art historian Braine’s interest in the representation of landscape in western art. Making the most of Cromwell Place’s proximity to the V&A, Braine draws inspiration from a selection of works in the collection, as well as working directly with found facsimile prints of celebrated landscape artists such as Corot, Constable and Jacob van Ruisdael. Through rigorous experimentation with photography and its essential quality as a medium which can ‘borrow’ and reproduce images, the different series which are included in this exhibition examine and subvert the traditional representation of landscape. Using artistic devices that have become synonymous with her work - cutting, punching out, folding and layering - Braine reconfigures her own and appropriated images to create these ‘borrowed landscapes’, inviting us to look at art, but also the world around us in a different way.

Open times:

• Tuesday: by appointment only

• Wednesday to Saturday: 11am to 7 pm

• Sunday: 11 am to 4 pm


Image credits: 


Borrowed Landscape I, 2023

Colour photograph from cut and repositioned negative. Unique Print

21 x 25 cm

Unique Prints (+1A/P)


Horizontal Shift (Landscape 1), 2023

Black and white photograph from hole-punched and rearrange


86 x 100 cm

Edition 1/3 

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